Story Notes

About a million years ago now, I finished reading 'The Stories of Eva Luna'. In the true nature of fanfic writers, I couldn't help but think what if.... What you see before you is a result of that what if - twenty six stories from a group of thirty writers, all there for the same reason. To tell the stories of Voyager.

So sit back and enjoy this story collection. It is best read in order, as a cycle. If you are not a J/Cer, please do not run screaming. This collection is not just about Janeway/Chakotay, it's about all of the characters, right down to Chell's story.

No copyright infringement was intended - all things Trek related will always be the property of Paramount Pictures. The stories, however, are the babies of the authors. Please respect that.

Thanks to Mary Ragpants: master of fonts, technology and all things Challenge-related. She kindly remains the main wearer of the fix-it hat in this group and I am forever indebted for her help and expertise. The front page logo is the baby of Gilly Hoyle, whilst the banner found on each page was kindly crafted by Elise Tobler. Thanks ladies!

Finally, thanks to the folks of Voyager1001. They have been inspiring, supportive, talented and forever forgiving of the delays of this collaboration. Ladies, it continues to be a pleasure!